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Graphics Studio

Purpose of the Project

The graphics studio is an application in which the user works with a canvas containing a collection of graphical objects. In this program, we will work with only one sort of object - a filled polygon.

Objectives for this assignment include:

Matrix-based affine transformations of objects in a reusable library Use of homogenous coordinates to represent transformations Various GUI issues: cursors, mouse events, graphics, color choice. Use of ArrayList Finite state machines


No extension required

Interesting Code

public void computeM3() {

 toScreen = M3.scale(xScale, yScale);
 toScreen.times(M3.translate(xTranslation, yTranslation));
 toWorld = M3.trnaslatew(-xTranslation, -yTranslation);
 toWorld.times(M3.scale(1/xScale, 1/yScale));



Use the wiki and ask a lot of questions... and google

Hardest Part

Working with the matrices and understanding exactly what was going on when you call a bunch of different methods on the matricies.

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