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10 October 2007

We made sure everyone had something to do, and went over what we found out during the conference call.

03 October 2007

We had a conference call with Mei and Lesley, went through the stories, and received input and suggestions.

26 September 2007

More story and database discussion.

19 September 2007

We looked at the updated story pages and discussed time cards and hours.

12 September 2007

During our meeting today, we looked over the basics of some stories I wrote, and talked about how these stories could be improved in order to make them more useful on the Yale end. We also discussed time goals for the basic project design.

05 September 2007

Another meeting, and more perusal of the project specifics, along with some database design discussion.

29 August 2007

Dr. Peterson, Chris, and I had our first weekly meeting, and discussed our general strategy to attack the Aurora project. We talked about our various responsibilities and looked at the project specifics, which, of course, can't be mentioned in any detail here.