Auroa/2-12-08 meeting

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Phone Meeting 2-12-08

Number Talk Section

  • Pictures should be 1.5 times larger - done
  • "Type your answer in this box" should be located outside of the box - done

Toy Shadows Section

  • Make pictures smaller - done
  • Add line of text above the options (look at subtest) - done


  • Upload new pictures (pictures aren't clear)

Classification Sections

  • No multiple choice => List the 4 #'s, words, etc. and allow user to click one of them - done


  • Take away unnecessary underlines (ignore subtest format) - done


  • Test View => add a frame for scrolling through sections/questions on the left
  • Test View => collapse sections => display only the questions of the current section

Phone Meeting 2-14-08

Picture Sizes

  • Number Talk
    • Keep the numbers approx. the same size in each picture - done
    • Use ... instead of _?_ - done
  • Toy Shadows
    • Update appearance based off of newer version of subtest - done
  • Maps
    • Use number 10 as a reference for size - done
  • Book Covers
    • Original size for pictures - done