Auroa/2-16-08 meeting

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Phone Meeting 2-16-08


  • multiple choice abcd instead of 1234 - done

Word Patterns

  • more spacing in the line - done

Toy Shadows

  • add line of text above choices (see newer subtest) - done


  • centered - done
  • in the directions add a picture of the friend - done


  • evenly space pictures on bottom - done
  • text left justified under broken picture image - done

Number Pairs

  • place number in the box after user selects an answer - done

Number Pattern

  • place number on line after user selects an answer - done

Word Classification

  • evenly space the words - done
    • The amount of space provided for each word is exactly the same. It looks slightly off because the words are of different length

Word Pairs

  • place word in the box after user selects an answer - done

Words that Sound the Same

  • align question left instead of center - done
  • allow admins to place the textbox inline where they want it - done

Interesting Language

  • indent responses - done
  • if second line is needed it should not run under the abcd - done