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What is the Aurora Battery?

The Aurora Battery is an augmented assessment of giftedness. Composed of multiple modules— including a group administered paper and pencil assessment, a parent interview, a teacher rating scale, and an observation schedule— it measures abilities in the areas of memory, analytical, creative and practical thinking, which distinguishes it from the traditional assessments, which almost exclusively address only analytical and memory skills.

Aurora’s purpose is to provide an accurate, multifaceted view of a child’s intellectual gifts, as expressed through the range of abilities described above. By measuring this augmented range of skills, intellectual strengths that might not have been apparent through conventional testing can be detected. In addition, traditionally underidentified gifts of minority children may be discerned, as well as those of children with learning disabilities who have strengths in previously unexamined domains.

The Aurora Battery is designed to meet the needs of individual parents who are concerned with their children’s intellectual performance, teachers and counselors who wish to identify gifted students, and schools or school systems attempting to identify gifted children among their student body.

  • Aurora-a: 17 sub-tests that assess the child’s analytical/memory, creative,

and practical abilities as an augmentation to conventional testing.

  • Aurora-g: 9 sub-tests to assess the g-factor of intelligence, as in

conventional tests.

  • Aurora-i: a semi-structured interview with a parent that explores the

child’s various abilities as they are displayed during free time activities, activities with friends and family, and school activities done at home.

  • Aurora-r: a rating scale completed by the child’s teacher that rates the

child’s analytical, creative and practical abilities as they are displayed in the classroom.

  • Aurora-o: a collection of tasks done one-on-one with a child to explore

further a student’s strengths and abilities.

The Aurora Battery can be administered as a whole, through an individual module, or through a combination of modules.