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From Chris

  • Do you want to be able to delete test results after they are in the excel sheet or do you want them placed in a separate folder?
    • No
  • Should users be able to start a test session, log out, log in, and continue test session?
    • Yes, they should be able to log in and out of a test version, in case they need to leave and come back for any reason. Flexibility is good so the capability of changing a group test version seems like a good idea. I'm going to look at Aurora on-line now... - Mei
    • require admins to override this to allow user to log out and back in
    • ask admin to "continue previous" or "start new"
  • How do you want the outputting of excel files to work? What do you want to see, what do you want to be able to do...
    • after a student takes Aurora, all raw data should be "stored" in an excel spreadsheet-- you need the format of this, yes? then (within the web-site?), the scored data should be stored after the scorer scores it (eventually, the program should do this automatically, right?) All open-ended data should be downloadable for printing. If I go to the site, I should be able to go to a "folder" of data and select the data sheets I want for uploading to our main database, RED. Then be able to put it in a folder marked "uploaded." Does this make sense? To be honest, these are not easy questions for me, Chris. - Mei
    • Raw Data - excel sheet + pdf file (student number, test session, subtest)
    • Folder by Group => folder of free response,
    • Entire group is in one excel sheet
    • Folder "uploaded" => folder for different groups