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Find a situation in which a software / hardware company has been accused of anti-competitive behavior or when governments have tried to regulate such behavior by breaking companies up or blocking mergers. Your diary should contain:

  • A link to your article
  • A summary (no, you can't summarize in 2 sentences!)
  • Your response - did you think there was actual wrongdoing or potential wrongdoing? Or is this a company that is being falsely accused?
  • Indicate in the space below what company you're writing about and, if it's been accused multiple times, which incident so that you don't duplicate someone else's efforts.

This doesn't have to be recent - you could even go back to the IBM days. It doesn't have to be software or even hardware - you could do a communications company if you want.


Jerome Atkinson-Intel accused of multiple charges of anti-competitive behavior.

John Mbugua - Qualcomm under investigation for using "its influence in 3G phones to fleece suppliers and block competitors."

Cullen Jett - U.S. Justice Department sues to block Microsoft and Intuit (Quicken) merger

Robert Gardner - "Nvidia and ATi fix graphic card prices"

Christina Lee- eMusic accused Apple of anti-competitive behavior with the allowing free access to iTunes on their products.

Samantha Shell - "iPhone rules pose Net neutrality, antitrust concerns"

Alan Cleary - "AMD & Nvidia Face Lawsuit For Price Fixing"

Chris Hickman - Sallie Mae sued for "anti-competitive behavior," $50 mil

Robert Gardner - "Nvidia and ATi con

Eric Peterson - BitTorrent vs. Comcast over throttling torrent bandwidth.

David Kosin - Nokia facing lawsuit over patent lawsuit

Casey Riva - Google Antitrust against Microsoft about desktop indexing