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Spring 2012 Schedule


  • Word: Wednesday, Feb 1
  • Excel 1: Friday, Feb 24
  • Excel 2: Wednesday, March 28
  • Powerpoint: Monday, April 9
  • Gimp: Friday, April 20

Final portfolio due Thursday of finals week

Homework Assignments





  • Gimp - covers the skills needed for the homework and the test
  • Gimp Homework - Due on Wednesday, April 18 in class



Your final grade will be on a portfolio. This portfolio is due on Thursday during Finals. Submit the portfolio as a powerpoint slide deck, with a slide for each element of the portfolio. Each slide should contain the pictures you used, the final result, and a description of the procedure you used to produce the final result.

The elements of your portfolio should be "serious" - things that you might use in the real world in a poster or logo.

Gimp Picture

Use pictures from the WP photo gallery ( All pictures should be corrected for exposure using Color -> Curves or Color -> Levels.

  • Start with a blank canvas and some sort of fill in the background
  • Include two or more pictures as separate layers. Use a filter to modify at least one of the pictures.
  • Add a textural element
  • Add an interesting border using quickmask and some sort of filter over the border.
  • One of the following:
    • An effect using layer masks
    • Paths to draw lines
    • Advanced selection features (color-based, magic wand, interesting combination of selected regions)

Inkscape Picture

Include a pictures that have been generated using Inkscape.

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of shapes, fills, strokes, and text elements
  • Create a complex path / shape using path operators such as union, intersection, or exclusion
  • Use a gradient fill in some context
  • Use at least one imported bitmap which is masked or clipped
  • Include at least two of the following:
    • Placing text along a path
    • A non-trivial path created using the Bezier tool, with straight and curved edges
    • Path offsets
    • Paths generated from a bitmap
    • Filter or path effects

Web Graphics