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Instance variables in interfaces are always static final even if not declared as such!

Primitive Types

This is covered in chapter 3. Also see

Know the following:

  • The differences between the various numeric types and the cup analogy
  • What overflow is and what java does about it
  • How to convert between primitive types
  • The remote control analogy
  • The difference between a primitive type and a reference type:
    • Primitives can't be null
    • Primitives can be compared using == for equality
    • Primitives don't have constructors
    • Reference types that correspond to primitives and auto-boxing
    • Primitives are passed by value into methods
    • Primitives can't be inherited from or extended


This is covered at page 452 in the text. This will also help:

Know the following:

  • What a file is
  • The difference between the name and the contents
  • How to read a file line by line
  • How to use try / catch to detect file problems
  • How to close a file
  • Common file problems