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CIS 235: Computer Networking

Term Paper:

Create a subpage on your 235 page with a proposal for a final project or term paper. This is due before class October 29.


Buy this textbook online: - note that this is the 5th edition, not the most recent one. You should be able to buy this used for about $25


August 29: Read - be able to talk about the technologies mentioned in this blog post. Find out who Susan Crawford is and research her disputes with the cable TV companies and telcos.

September 3: Read the first chapter of the textbook and come ready to discuss the Western network environment

September 17: Test on chapter 1 and the campus network (25 minutes). Start chapter 2.

September 18: Read 2.1, 2.2

October 3: Read all of 2.5

October 8: Read all of 2.6

October 17: Test on chapter 2, Read through 3.3.

Topic Outline:

  • Introduction to networking, public policy and computer networks.
  • Network overview, the Western networking environment.
  • An overview of computer networking
  • The Application Layer
  • The Transport Layer
  • The Network Layer
  • The Link Layer
  • Wireless Networks
  • Multimedia Networks
  • Privacy and Security