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CIS 310: Visual Programming

Spring, 2014, as taught by Professor Peterson

A course focusing on common environment and design tools used in the development and implementation of graphic user interfaces. Emphasis is placed on the automation of tasks and the customization of systems by programming constructs.

This term we will be using the C# language and the Visual Studio programming environment.

You should install the Visual Studio 2013 Express edition on your computer. If you want a more high powered environment, the professional edition is also available if prefer.

There is no text for this course. A reference for C# is recommended though - look for something you like at one of the big bookstore chains or order online. A good reference should be just $20 or so used.

After visiting the BN, I'd say I like You can probably get an older version way cheap.

Final Turn In

All work must be submitted by Thursday, May 8.

There will be a work session in the library on Wednesday evening. There will be a work session in H101 from 3:30 - 5:30 on Thursday too.



Code freeze and force better prep for final presentation. Clip off a little at the front of class.