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Register as a student volunteer for SIGCSE 2013 in March.


We're going to switch from Rails to Grails. You'll need to install two things: Netbeans 7.2.1 with all associated stuff and Grails. The netbeans install is simple - you can get this at Grails is at - I have the windows version of NetBeans in my pickup. Grails is also there. The Grails install instructions indicates that you need to add Grails to your path but I believe you can skip this in NetBeans. The only issue I had was that you can't put grails in a folder with a space in the name (like Program Files). Note that you have to tell NetBeans where to find Grails.

The "Getting Started" intro worked out of the box for me:

See Grails Assignment #1 for more details.

Note: Homework assignments will be posted in the LaunchRamp page.

Web Programming 2

Our Project Customer, Briant's, Email:

Tips for using Groovy and Grails

Assignments Due Friday Morning by 8 am

Textbook: Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial (Hartl)


You need to be able to develop Ruby on Rails for the first part of the course. I'm going to try Netbeans 6.9 as the IDE but you might also consider developing on a linux VM: