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System Design and Analysis



Course Organization:

Installing Python Suds:

For Monday, November 2

  • Read Head First, Chapter 2
  • Be ready to finish our discussion of Brooks chapter 3

Everyone will be required to create a Java program to show how one of the design patterns works. I'll have specific patterns assigned to each of you on Sunday.


  1. Download the python-suds* and setuptools* directories from JP's shared/410.
  2. (add python to the path to make your life easier: System Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables and add the value ;C:\python(versionnumber) and ;C:\python(versionnumber)\Scripts)
  3. run python in the setuptools directory
  4. run python build and python install in the same directory
  5. run python build and python install in the python-suds directory
  6. Hope that it worked

if you have downloaded the two folders to the desktop, the following commands should work when entered into the command prompt (run -> cmd)

cd desktop\setup*
c:\python*\python.exe ez_setup
c:\python*\python.exe build
c:\python*\python.exe install
cd ../python-suds*
c:\python*\python.exe build
c:\python*\python.exe install


Python Documentation for web service libraries