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Software Engineering


Design Patterns Presentation

Sign up for a design pattern. Explain why your pattern is interesting and how it allows us to improve the engineering of our code. Provide snippets of code. Presentation should be 25-30 minutes. Powerpoint optional.

  • Alexandra: Template, Adapter, Facade - April 30
  • Casey: Command - April 28
  • Chris: State - April 25
  • Daniel: Iterator-Composite - April 21
  • Kendric: Factory - April 18

About the Course

CIS 412 is a class in object-oriented software engineering. The goals of this class are to:

  • Master the advanced art of large-scale programming by collaborating on a team project.
  • Master the Java language.
  • Gain experience in presenting your project designs in writing and orally.
  • Master contemporary design and coding methodologies, including Object-Oriented Design (OOD), Extreme Programming (XP), Design Patterns, Refactoring, and the Universal Modeling Language (UML).
  • Master contemporary software engineering tools, including NetBeans, JUnit, JavaDoc, CVS, and UML Diagramming tools.

This course is patterned after the OOSE course taught by Scott Smith (all around nice guy!) at Johns Hopkins.