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CIS 412: Software Engineering


Syllabus: media:412-syllabus-s14.doc


We will be working on the reactive engine used by the Computer Camp. This will be a ground-up reimplementation starting from scratch.

Old repo:

New repo:

Pydoc : * Python Documentation(Pydoc)

Finals Week Schedule

There will be work sessions Thursday 1 - 3 in H101. Other work sessions will be scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday. You must attend two work sessions during finals week.


  • 3:30 - 5:30 Tuesday
  • 11 - 1 Wednesday
  • 1 - 3 Thursday

Python in Netbeans

Newer netbeans editions support for python:

Go to Tools | Plugins and the Plugin Manager opens. In the Settings tab of the Plugin Manager, add a new update center with this URL:

Then go to the "Available Plugins" tab of the Plugin Manager and you'll find Python, select and install.


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