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A view inside Mikes Brain.

Building on Mike's presentation, work on the WSC Networking and Attacks page.

  • Kendric, Jeramiah: fill in details on the ARP spoof attack
  • Daniel: find out about avoiding ARP spoofs
  • James: coordinate description of WSC network, add pictures, relate the design to the threat model
  • Alexandra: include Mike's principles of network security, how the WSC network addresses these, and provide some concrete examples to illustrate the threats.
  • Casey: Find out about the packeteer - what model? How is it confugured? What sort of settings to we use?
  • Chris P: Talk about the role of the CISCO clean access program regarding network security.
  • Chris H, Tyler: Find out about the WSC firewall - how is it connected? What hardware is used? How is it configured? What sort of attacks can it deal with?