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Computer Graphics

This course will cover a variety of graphics-related topics, including

  • Graphics Systems and Models
  • Graphics Programming
  • Geometric Models
  • Viewing
  • Computer Vision
  • Light, shading and materials

Programming will be in Python (OpenGL, OpenCV) and some C# (when using Unity).

There will be individual assignments, group projects, presentations, and quizzes.




CAGD (Computer Aided Geometric Design


Ray Tracing

/Ray Tracing Code Bank

Basic OpenGL Programming

My install of OpenGL:

Start with Anaconda (https://www.continuum.io/downloads) - I used the 2.7 version

Install of PyOpenGL:

conda install -c anaconda pyopengl=3.1.1a1 

Install of pygame:

conda install -c cogsci pygame=1.9.2a0

I was able to get the following demo to run: https://pythonprogramming.net/opengl-rotating-cube-example-pyopengl-tutorial/

I'm unsure when we'll have this available on the campus image.

Basic pygame Programming

Documentation: http://www.pygame.org/lofi.html

Here is a Sample pygame Project