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Hosted Tour


Repository: https://github.com/emily-tucker/virtual-tour

Campus Tour Project

Object API and Definitions



Javascript libraries we will use:

  • Bootstrap (responsive page design)
  • Node (communication between the server and page)
  • Angular (model-view controller)



-Emily, Nick

Documenting and Testing on major browsers and devices


-Thomas, Emily

Explore useability and prototype different options overlaying the project. What information will be on the database...

Google Maps

-Matt, Luke

Add the Fly-in


-Katherine, Blake

Explore options for the viewer to interact with: direct interaction and/or observations

Database/Server Support

-Lucas V.

Picture Viewer/Panorama

-Jazz, Robb

Change interactions with the the overlays, click-through links

Screen Organization

-Quinn, Lucas W.

Screen layout with bootstrap. Mock-up


-Jaden, Ryan

Production-strength menu from a database. Tool-tips added. Explore more options.


-Patrick, Kellen, Blake

What information can we save as analytic, database design, dashboard

Round 1

High Level Navigation

-Jaden, Ryan, Quinn, Rob W.

Explore how to put a general navigation structure on every page of the tour. Look at ways to present a complex navigational structure compactly.

Round 2

Quin- Now "Mr. Responsive." Prove we don't need bootstrap.

-Jaden, Ryan, Rob W. More menu options that is dynamic. There should be more photos. Such as text appearing on a hover over a certain part of a map/picture. "Tether-like" things shoot for a large menu that doesn't take up the whole screen.

Contextual Navigation

-Jazz, Rob G., Nick

Investigate navigational structures that are based on the current location. Click on things in a picture, overlay arrows, ???

Round 2

Look at very specific place oriented things. Regions of images will be clickable. Maybe clickable portraits to learn more.


Git: https://github.com/jnp1986/Tour-Contextual-Navigation

Place Exploration

-Emily, Thomas, Sam, Michael

What can we see when "standing" in a place? Panoramas, picture galleries, text, ???

Map-based Navigation

-Matt, Luke, Katherine

How do we present the area around Gunnison? Look at google map based technologies.

Take a look: http://maplacejs.com/

Round 2

Named paths. Dynamic tours with tags. Named tours Use google map zoom in to introduce.


How can we find out things from the user to filter the view so that the most interesting things for that person stand out?

Information Encoding

-Lucas, Kellen

How do we encode the structure of the tour in an extendable way? Database? HTML? What is the underlying data model?


We need someone to manage the rest of the teams, maintaining documentation and tracking the overlap.


-Patrick, Lucas W.

Someone should be looking around at other campus tours for inspiration. Look inside them at the scripts and find out what libraries are used. See what they do as far as overall organization.

Round 2

  • find "more stuff." slide shows, other ways to display, etc.
  • Specifically, we want to find the viewers interests. What is a attractive/clever way for a viewer to express their interest and for us to record it?
  • Be ready to lead off the meeting with flashy examples for the Marketing team. Combine imagery, overview, and "you are here."