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Web Programming 2


Students may work in teams of 2 or 3. When using web frameworks, students are responsible for installing software on their own computers. There should be at least one laptop in each team.

Each team is responsible for:

  • Two workshops
  • All homework assignments
  • A final project


A workshop is a full class session devoted to learning about a specific technology. These workshops are presented by a group and all group members are expected to contribute.

Workshop Guidelines

Homework Assignments



  • Angular 2
  • JQuery
  • Node (server side programming)
  • React (reative programming)
  • CoffeScript (high level language)
  • Underscore (functional programming)
  • Handlebars (templating)
  • Bower (package management)
  • Buster (unit testing)
  • Web Components (programming in the large)
  • 2-D Graphics
  • WebGL

Lightweight Web Frameworks

  • Django

Heavyweight Web Frameworks

  • Groovy on Grails
  • Spring

Final Projects

The last two weeks of class will be devoted to a final project. This project should:

  • Demonstrate mastery of both client-side and server side technologies
  • Incorporate AJAX elements
  • Include technologies not covered by workshops
  • Be fully documented and presented during the final exam time

Proposals for the final project must be submitted by the week before spring break.