Computer Camp 2011

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Computer Camp 2011


The official start time is 4pm, Sunday, June 19 in Hurst 101.

The camp meets in Hurst Hall, room 101. See directions to Gunnison and a campus map. Turn at the McDonalds to reach campus. 101 is at the north end of the building.


What to Bring

  • Waiver / information form
  • Clothes, both outdoor and indoor
  • All bedding is provided
  • Personal care items
  • Swimwear and sandals or other footware that can get wet
  • Sun lotion / hat
  • A camera is optional - we'll be in some very nice places. We'll be taking pictures throughout the week and posting them for you on our site.
  • Computer games - they are allowed to install whatever games they want in our lab
  • Mountain bike (not that necessary but nice to have)
  • Payment - Check for $500 made out to Western State College

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • CIS department administrative assistant: 970 943 7120 (Daytime only)
  • Mike (camp student assistant) 303-408-3709 - use this if you have problems on the day of arrival
  • Wilderness Pursuits: 970 943 7107
  • Conference Services: 970 209 1422 (this reaches the people who supervise the dorms)

Room assignments:

Photos and Videos

Watch here for photos and videos from the camp.

  • Monday it was too cold to raft so we went to Hartman Rocks for biking and hiking
  • Tuesday we went to Hartman Rocks for biking and climbing
  • Wednesday we went to Blue Mesa for sea kayaking and paddleboarding
  • Thursday we rafted the Gunnison river through town - no problems with the high water.

Photos: Flickr

Videos are coming slowly - here's a few from the first day:

Friday Night Cookout

We will meet at Dr. Peterson's House at 6pm Friday. Everyone is welcome - we'll be showing off the work our students have done.


Theme Introduction Dodge Games Shooting Gallery Maze Game Projects
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8-10 Intro to Panda Reactive Programming / Python Programming Interpolation, Collision Detection, Collections Maze Program, camera control End Day: Project Work
Recreation Hiking and Climbing at Hartmans Rock Climbing / Mountain Biking at Hartman Rocks Sea Kayaking at Blue Mesa Rafting the Gunnison Rafting and Kayaking on the Taylor
2:30-5 Motion... Picture Blasting Projectile motion, trajectories, random numbers and coordinate systems Joints, Python programming, collections Rolling ball or other physics, interacting characters End Day: Project Work
5-6 Texturing/Gimp Dodge Game Shooting Gallery Game Maze Game Parent Showcase / Cookout
7-9 Dynamic Geometry / Name Tag Solid Models Dancing Sonic (Scripts) Jointed Models Parent Showcase / Cookout


These rooms are in the Hermosa complex.

  • 201H Jim, Adam
  • 202H Evan, Ethan
  • 203H Chris, Brian
  • 204H Sarah, Jennette
  • 205H Eric
  • 206H Martin, Max
  • 207H Brett, Ben