Computer Music - Spring 2014

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Computer Music


This class will explore the fundamentals of computer music, both from a programming side and a music theory side. Most assignments will be music compositions. There will be two parts to the class: note based (midi) synthesis and waveform based synthesis. There will be a performance aspect to this class.


We will be programming in Haskell using Euterpea, a computer music system developed at Yale.



If you're interested in the computer science behind the scenes, you should read the whole of chapter 1.

Final Due Dates

Work session Tuesday, May 6, 10:30 - 12:30, H101.

Everything is due Wednesday evening (May 7)

Here are some of the links mentioned:


Here's the install guide for Euterpea:

If you're running on the school computers:

  • Copy Euterpea from my pick folder to your S drive
  • You'll need to run "cmd" - that's what you type in the "search for programs and files" box below the start menu
  • In the cmd window, you'll need to cd to the place where Euterpea is. For example, cd s:\Euterpea
  • Type "cabal update" in the command prompt. This will take a long time but should work OK. Once you've done this the machine your on never has to do this again.
  • Type "cabal install" in the command prompt. This also takes a while!
  • Look under "Computer Science" on the start menu for Haskell - start that
  • Under file -> load, go to Euterpea/Examples/EuterpeaExamples.lhs
  • Type "play cms" and make sure you hear a C major scale

If you have problems I'll be glad to help you out. The other files in my pickup are only needed if you want to install on your own computer.