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Assignment Details

This project will be created in the form of a 4 to 6 minute video. In the video you will make an argument within the realm of mass media, as supported by relevant authors and well researched theory. The idea is for you to articulate your own critical perspectives on media and to engage critically and creatively with the topics we've been exploring, clicking on and talking about this semester.

To complete this project you will need to use sound-editing and production software. Engage with the topic and research your group chooses. Do not simply illustrate each word in a theory or repeat common themes within media, but rather use images that support, challenge or complicate the central argument. We expect your group to use this medium, the amateur creation of video, to analyze points within the study of mass media.

Due Dates and Requirements

  • Your first video project assignment is through Blackboard and is due Friday, March 30th.
  • Your second assignment is a refined paragraph stating your argument and supporting theory/evidence to be posted under your group in the Groups and Mentors section below. This paragraph will be used by others to prepare for the graded in class question/comment that is your final classroom response grade (see below). This paragraph is due Monday, April 9th by 5pm.
  • Your third assignment is a graded in-class question or comment following one of your peer's videos. After each video we will call on randomly assigned members of the class to ask a critical question or comment in response to the argument in the video observed. There may be several questions per video. Each student will be called on once, and this grade will be recorded as a classroom response.
  • Your final assignment is the video! Your due dates for the video presentation are assigned randomly and can be found in the Groups and Mentors section below. You will need to meet your mentor during the assigned class period time, and once more outside of class to review your video. Participation in both of these meetings will be included in your final grade for the project.

Groups & Mentors

Group #1 Presentation Date: Friday, April 13th. Mentor Meeting: Friday, April 6th at 12:10pm

Lopez, Renner & Sogge - Fullmer

Group #2 Presentation Date: Friday, April 13th. Mentor Meeting: Friday, April 6th at 12:10pm

Ball, Guis & Putman - Peterson

The main argument of our presentation entails the Hypodermic Needle Theory and how it impacts professional athletes. The Hypodermic Needle Theory suggests that mass media inject messages and information directly into the public’s minds that immediately will influence them. Media producers and creators can manipulate the information because most people will just agree and not try to “challenge” what they say. This theory has affected many well-known athletes. The negative attention that an athlete receives through the hypodermic needle theory ultimately ruins the athlete’s career.

In November of 2009, Tiger Woods was a part of one of the biggest scandals ever. He was caught cheating on his wife with several women. The media used the Hypodermic Needle Theory to attack Tiger and immediately told the public what happened and possibly embellished the story to downgrade him even more. Throughout the years Tiger has been asked about the scandal several times a month. He put himself into an inescapable spiral of media attention. This definitely has affected his play. Tiger even withdrew himself from golf 2 weeks after the first alleged report. Previous to the Scandal Tiger had won 92 professional wins, which included 14 major championships. Since the scandal and after the media used the Hypodermic Needle Tiger has 0 masters and only 1 pro win after the media attention and went two years and 26 tournaments without a win.

Another example of an athlete whose career has been heavily influenced by the Hypodermic Needle Theory is Barry Bonds. Bonds’ is historic for breaking the all-time home runs in a season and in his career. Bonds’ was accused of using performance enhancing steroids during his notorious record breaking seasons. Television channels focused on the lawsuit and Bonds’ role in the steroids scandal. The interviews were full of questions about his involvement with drug companies and the use of steroids. Bonds’ was torn down by the media and public attention that he suffered in 2006. By 2008 his contract had expired and the San Francisco Giants did not want the media attention that the allegations of Bonds’ steroid use had caused. Bonds’ was not signed by any other major league team the following season. The two teams Bonds played for, The Pittsburg Pirates and the San Francisco Giants planned to retire the slugger’s jersey, but till this day have not. Bonds’ career was greatly affected by the media and the public’s view of his character.

Group #3 Presentation Date: Monday, April 16th. Mentor Meeting: Friday, April 6th at 12:20pm

Webb, Stansberry and Morrison - Fullmer

We have decided to talk about blogs and the internet and how it contradicts the spiral of silence theory. Blogs and the internet, for example, are ways to communicate to others about ones ideas and thoughts. The Hyperpersonal communication theory supports our argument. This theory says that people communicate more competently and confidently in mediated settings than they to face-to-face. Social media lets individuals who would usually be scared to express their opinion, express their opinions in their own ways. This link will be used in our argument because it uses a lot of history and great examples of what exactly we are trying to say.

Group #4 Presentation Date: Monday, April 16th. Mentor Meeting: Friday, April 6th at 12:20pm

Wiebelhaus & Harrison - Peterson

We are presenting the spiral of silence theory. The spiral of silence is an important driving force within the media realm. We are defining and interpreting the theory to prove that it alters public opinions and can damage the strength of a community. Within our project, we will first define and explore the theory itself. Next, we will be examining the Asch experiment as a means of strengthening our argument. We will take the experiment itself and relate it to society both today and possibly in the future. Bringing our theory back to today, we will further examine a political story that involves a U.S senator by the name of Ran Paul. He explores the depths of the Spiral of silence and equates it to modern policy and the medias power to alter public response to them. This will help our audience to better relate and understand the relevancy and comprehensiveness of this theory. To wrap up our video project, we will be looking into a few ways that the spiral of silence can be avoided or altered. We will distinguish between the anonymous and the identified users in the media world today. In other words, the video will explore how user experience varies pending upon the level of security. We will also examine how this idea is changing as society becomes more educated. People are more willing to express themselves if they have a legitimate argument. The video will conclude with the re enforcement that this theory is prevalent, and that the contradictions are too scarce to make any true argument against our video.

Group #5 Presentation Date: Monday, April 16th. Mentor Meeting: Friday, April 6th at 12:30pm

Garcia & Little - Fullmer

The basic argument of our presentation will be that the media takes advantage of men’s weaknesses and because they exploit this, men’s sexual behaviors change. This makes men find it acceptable to objectify women, makes them experience stronger feelings towards sex, and engage in riskier behavior. This is because the media inundates its audience with unrealistic images of women who are scantily clad and also glorifies men who sleep around often. We intend on pairing the social learning theory and scopophilia, which states all media is created for male gaze.

Group #6 Presentation Date: Wednesday, April 18th. Mentor Meeting: Friday, April 6th at 12:30pm

Rodger, Vigil and Damge - Peterson

Theory: Interactionism-sociological theory that places emphasis on micro-scale social interaction to provide subjective meaning in human behavior, the social process and pragmatism. The approach focuses on creating a framework for building a theory that sees society as the product of the everyday interactions of individuals. Society is nothing more than the shared reality that people construct as they interact with one another. This approach sees people interacting in countless settings using symbolic communications. Therefore, society is a complex, ever-changing mosaic of subjective meanings. However some criticisms to this approach are that it only looks at what is happening in one particular social situation, and disregards the effects that culture, race or gender may have on the people in that situation. Some important sociologists associated with this approach include Max Weber, George Herbert Mead, Erving Goffman, George Homans and Peter Blau.

Argument: For our argument, we are using the Interactionism theory from above and Facebook to explain why people act the way they do on Facebook. This is because the users are trying to appeal to a wide variety of people on the social network to have more “friends” and more people thinking that they are cool. To get this image people post all sorts of statuses and photos to catch the eye of their friends, even if they are untrue or over exaggerated. Only a few know the truth, the rest just believe what they see and except it as that persons reality and life. We are going to argue why this is.

Group #7 Presentation Date: Wednesday, April 18th. Mentor Meeting: Monday, April 9th at 12:40pm

Real, Atwood and Olander - Fullmer

Media Influences Sex/Gender roles We define our culture through the use of different mediums and the messages that are portrayed in these specific environments. We are people stimulated by sense. Judith Butler argues that this is how gender stereotyping occurs and is therefore repeated among society. Whether it be on television, the radio, or in an athletic event we are constantly bombarded with what a woman or a man should represent within an American society. Using the cultivation effect and the main ideas of Butler we will be presenting the problems that occur with gender stereotyping within different forms of media.

Group #9 Presentation Date: Friday, April 20th. Mentor Meeting: Monday, April 9th at 12:00pm

Howe & Patterson - Fullmer

The agenda setting theory stated that media sets the agenda of people who participate in it, we argue that media in public space sets the agenda of all citizens. Privatization of public space and advertisers in these spaces has both good and bad consequences that help to build a culture. First we will define what public space is, then introduce the idea of Relational literacy to try and identify how agenda setting manifests in our public spaces. In her argument about how public space is defined, Holly Willis uses artists such as Lozano-Hemmer to define a need for relational literacy. Relational literacy is the suggestion that there is more to advertisement and the “master narratives of mediated public space.” This argues that cities are an area ripe with private owners are shouting their opinions in the publicly owned places. We will use this to identify how agenda setting theory builds culture within our public spaces.We use relational literacy to argue that art and advertisements in public spaces and the use of those spaces set the public agenda.

Group #10 Presentation Date: Friday, April 20th. Mentor Meeting: Monday, April 9th at 12:00pm

Yaeger, Dennis & Bush - Peterson

Group #13 Presentation Date: Friday, April 20th. Mentor Meeting: Monday, April 9th at 12:20pm

Fleming, MacDonald, Jackson & Doll - Fullmer

Certain media convey the wrong message about reality to children. Disney in particular portrays young characters in certain situations as reality. For instance, flawless princesses will always find their knight in shining armor and under awful circumstances; you will be saved by some miracle with no internal effort. Disney is a huge conglomerate in the media world and control many media outlets. In society, Disney has helped create the social construct we see today that shapes the ideal man, woman, and gender. These ideal portrayals are believed to be brainwashing children at a young age, giving them a false idea of gender roles in reality. The main theory supporting our argument is the spiral of silence backed by gender acquisition and gender roles portrayed in Disney movies. Since Disney is such a large corporation it gains the majority belief and silences off minority beliefs. Our reference discusses the discrepancies between Disney’s representation of gender roles and how children perceive their roles in real life.

Group #12 Presentation Date: Monday, April 23rd. Mentor Meeting: Monday, April 9th at 12:10pm

Jaeger - Peterson

This video presentation will be covering violence in the media and it's influence on the the youth that use/view it. The worry of violence effecting the children has been found throughout the media history, from comics and television to most recently video games and music. The theories that will be discussed are Media is the Message and the agenda setting theory.

Group #14 Presentation Date: Monday, April 23rd. Mentor Meeting: Monday, April 9th at 12:20pm

Verley, Moran, Odneal & Noe - Peterson

Y2K The Scam: The hypodermic needle theory caused the media epidemic of Y2K. All mass media during this time was increased due to popularity of the subject. There was a problem that experts knew of in the computer programing. The media covered the topic with experts who knew the significance of the problem and with average frantic people exaggerating and obscuring the problem. Therefore the public was injected with false information that manipulated the public agenda. Mass media consumers were passive and uncritical of media-delivered information and automatically accepted whatever the media put forth as fact and truth about y2k. The media blew the y2k problem out of proportion and eventually the public believed there would be chaos. After the new year everyone realized everything was fine, when computer programmers actually spent countless hours reprogramming to avoid a serious problem. The public assumed it was all just a big scare and that there really never was a problem with the computers.

The series of events of y2k seem to be similar to the conspiracy of climate change. currently the media is showing professionals with valid evidence and conspiracy theorists just exaggerating the problem or completely ignoring climate change. It is possible that the experts will work to fix the problem without media attention, in that case the public would most likely believe that there never really was a problem just like what happened with y2k.

Group #15 Presentation Date: Wednesday, April 25th. Mentor Meeting: Monday, April 9th at 12:30pm

Schaller - Fullmer

To begin the analysis of media symbiosis the following will all be carefully examined: the freedom of speech guaranteed in the first amendment, the free exchange of ideas, our public duty to deliberate, and media richness theory. When combined with a critical lens, it will be made clear that a symbiosis and a dichotomy exist between the media and the public. Furthermore, it will be shown that the marketplace is a destructive metaphor to the successful relationship between media and society. Through an unfortunate osmosis, we as a society have allowed our modern agora to become little more than a lemonade stand. The implications of this discovery are dire, and the importance of its reversal will be expressed in this poster. COTH 151

Group #16 Presentation Date: Wednesday, April 25th. Mentor Meeting: Monday, April 9th at 12:30pm

Larson & Broughman - Peterson

We will focus on how Mass News Media impacts the opinions and perspectives of the American public. We will argue that different individuals have different opinions based on what form of Mass News Media they obtain their information from. For example different forms of news media include their own perspective with what information they release or produce. We will make our argument by showing the same news story from different forms of news media sources. The single recent news story that we will focus on will be the Robert Bales case. In this case, there are many different ways the Mass News Media protrays this single story. Many different sources protray different sides of the same story. We will also focus on how power of the media to change ideas about the world, perceptions, and even life itself.

We will focus and argue these theories

  • Agenda Setting Theory
  • You engage in with what you want to hear

Group #17 Presentation Date: Wednesday, April 25th. Mentor Meeting: Friday, April 6th at 12:40pm

Buchli, Casselman & Query - Fullmer

Our group will be presenting about the Agenda Setting Theory focusing on how the amount of coverage on certain topics can affect the actions of governmental and social communities. Specifically in the two recent election years the debates have been heavily focused on current news reports. Such reports include the 2008-2009 recession, conflict in the middle east, health care, and most currently the Treyvon Martin case.

Group #18 Presentation Date: Friday, April 27th. Mentor Meeting: Monday, April 9th at 12:40pm

Creager, Szrek & Gage - Peterson

Group #11 Presentation Date: Friday, April 27th. Mentor Meeting: Monday, April 9th at 12:10pm

Purdy & Precilla - Fullmer

The other side of gaming: how gaming is positive.

In our presentation we will show our audience how gaming can be positive instead of the side many people see that says video games are violent and cause violence among people. We will be making our argument with our video presentation by interviewing real life gamers and going over other peoples theories on this subject. We will also find statistics stating that video games can be beneficial to people instead of harmful. We will be showing this with a video we found that also argues this point then extend of the other videos point to prove our own point.

Group #8 Presentation Date: Friday, April 27th. Mentor Meeting: Friday, April 6th at 12:40pm

Goodwin & Vincent - Peterson

Due to the growing number of news medias today, plenty of them target a certain group of people simply what they report and opinionate on. Before there were over hundreds of television stations, there were only few news stations. Because of the small number of stations that reported the news, they had to target everyone who watched the news. Anything that was said balanced on issues and not really taking any sides, allowing the people to decide for themselves. As technology finally caught up, a vast selection of television stations, radio stations, and newspaper companies appeared creating a competition. This now creates the stations to be biased. By this, they can target a certain group of people that is almost guaranteed so that they can make a profit. New age technology hits that world making money one of our greatest necessities. Without money, stations and newspaper would not have the ability to keep up with their certain group as well as the competition could, causing a decline in popularity. With a low rating, less and less money come in digging the hole deeper for the stations to pull out. Even though there still are fairly balanced news stations and newspaper out today that focus and report on out nations issues and events, the complete biased ones like Fox News and L.A. Times provide the information and opinions that’s their audience WANT to see, making it more desirable and more profitable for those main mediums of news.

Technical Assistance

Movie Editing Software

Windows Movie Maker will work fine. This is under "accessories". You can also used IMovie, FinalCut, or anything else you want as long as the result is playable on a Western computer.

WMM lets you edit the order of stills / clips and add a sound track. You can clip audio / video by moving the crop bar next to the clip.

WMM allows you to record sound. Or use a better program like Audacity to create your sound clips.


You can use Powerpoint to design nice looking quotes / titles. Use "save as picture" to save an individual graphic.

YouTube Clips

You can use the "Youtube Downloaded and Converter". ( You can install this yourself on some campus computers.

Convert the clip to wmv if you want to use an excerpt as an embedded video. Convert to mp3 if you just want the audio track.

If you just want a screen shot, pause the video at the right spot and do "Alt-Print Screen". Then paste into Powerpoint, crop, and save as in image.

This program is installed on the computers in the Government Documents area of the library (basement). Look for 4 computers with dual monitors.