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Embedded Systems

No class Wednesday, January 27

We will meet on Tuesday, February 2 in the sculpture lab in Quigley

Syllabus: media:cs311-s16-syl.doc

This class uses small self-contained computers such as the Raspberry Pi or Arduino to put computing in a physical context. Topics include:

  • Linux
  • Python
  • Electronics
  • Computer Vision
  • Audio Processing
  • Robotics

Course Format

This is a project-oriented course - there will be no formal tests or homework assignments. Students are expected to research each project, document the process, and present their projects to an audience. Describing projects is crucial - you MUST be able to document how your systems work.

Students may work in groups of up to three on projects. Larger groups will have higher expectations for the scope of the project and the quality of documentation.

Students will be responsible for buying the supplies for their projects.

Current Assignments

Look through the projects at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfziqfCbUH_a7vEKO8zHNxw and find one or two that you might be interested in trying. Place this in your diary. Everyone needs to do this individually.

How-To Guide