Data Analytics for the Western Virtual Tour

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2016 Capstone project of Rob Wilbanks and Thomas Kutzner

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  • Documentation and evaluation of user activity within the Western Virtual Tour.
  • Resources



Undated work flow report


Thomas does a lot of research into how to implement Google Analytics for a single page site.


Thomas and Rob spend too many hours getting past a Google Analytics sign-in bug


Rob clones the website to a dummy address so we can work on it without changing anything

Thomas and Rob start implementing the first tags


Rob implements a large amount of all the tags except for a couple that Tom debugs and fixes before our mid semester presentation


Rob goes nuts and implements most the rest of the tags and fills out the wiki. Tom edits the wiki, adds a couple of things, and adds a couple more tags later in the month.


Rob and Tom recap what we learned, added one more tag together and go hang out with Cindy in her office for a couple of hours for a "meeting." Rob's going to work with Cindy further over the summer.

Dated entries we forgot to update and keep up with

  • February 22nd

Rob purchased a web domain and host to put up a clone Western Site at

  • February 24th

Enrolled in a course on in order to learn how to use Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics and apply it to a website. We started to watch videos to learn some fundamentals of the GTM.


  • February 27th

Learned about fragment identifier changes from Simo Ahava's (Google Analytics Engineer) blog which is the building block for the GTM.