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A professor of computer science, but most who study under him find that he is also a profound professor of life as well. Sharing his personal strategies to the realities of life. The last words he spoke to me were “Thinking hard, it’s dangerous.” as he left me alone to continue to work on my project for him. JP appreciated hard work and the struggles that came with it but more importantly when to stop thinking so hard and let go of the weights and problems holding you down, get outside, and enjoy every scrap of raw life you’re given. His love and passion for the outdoors was beautifully simple proof of this simple strategy of life. Always try and never forget to have fun

I’ll never forget and will continue to strive to live by it for the rest of my life.

JP was as humble as he was genius. Like a farmer he tended, provided life giving nutrients, and cared for people of all ages to help them grow not only in mind but in spirit as well. By bringing a smile to all our faces, giving us the advice we need not the advice we want to hear, and investing himself into his friends and pupils lives he has personally impacted and actively shaped more people positively than any other man I’ve met. This University, the Gunnison Community, the World lost a truly unique and unequivocally eccentric genius in the fields of computer science, outdoor recreation, and life. We love and miss you JP.

Caleb Smith

Gone, but never forgotten

JP is not dead, he's just off on another adventure. - Lisa Howe

Getting on the Chemistry Wall

Cesium (Cs) may have been taken, but element 108, Hassium (Hs), is up for the taking. We should make it a tribute to JP and Haskell, methinks. What that looks like, I have no idea.

- Anthoney

A memorial in the Nerd Corner

Need. I suggest officially naming it after JP in some capacity and having a plaque explaining what he meant to the school/department and why the corner is significant.

- Anthoney

I second that! - Lisa