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Due: January 20 in class

Create a Panda program that does the following:

  • Places at least 4 models in the scene
  • Has at least 2 slides that control some aspect of the scene
  • Demonstrates use of HPR and scale
  • All models move in some way as a function of time (either location or HPR)
  • At least one static rectangle is part of the scene
  • The mouse controls the position of one of the models in the scene
  • The camera flys around the scene in a circle

I will grade this in class. If you have any questions please use the discussion area of this page.


I will be available in the library (in the nerd corner of the info commons, probably) for some tutoring on Monday night. I'm planning on about 6 or 7 for a few hours, if people need help. Let me know (either here or via email/phone) if there is interest and I can try to stay a little later or work something out.

Kendric Evans 17:40, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

(note: I still haven't gotten many of the school computers set up to work 100% properly and I will be unable to do so probably until Monday. If you have desperate need of a panda-enabled info-commons computer, let me know and I will try to sort something out.)


Michael Reed 15:21, 18 January 2009: How can I Refrence a model's(panda) position x,y,and z? I have tried "p.x" , "p.getX()", "" not included, p being the pandas "name" (p = pandaBear[position = P3(-time/2 + 10,6,0.0485), HPR = P3(3*pi/2,0,0))"]. Is there a "method"/"Function" that I can use to call the x,y or z positions and/or asign them to another variable.

It's a function, not a method. getX(point) should work. In this case, you need to get at the position of the panda, so you would say getX(p.position). --Professor Peterson 00:35, 19 January 2009 (UTC)