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Due January 22

Using your favorite model, create a system which allows you to use the keyboard to select the heading, position, and roll of the model. The camera should be in a static position. Use four different reaction functions: one each for H, P, and R, and one to stop motion. Use 4 keys for each except stop: slow forward, fast forward, slow reverse, and fast reverse. The space bar stops all motion.

Use "q", "w", "e", and "r" to adjust heading. Use "a", "s", "d", and "f" to adjust pitch, and "z", "x", "c", and "v" to adjust roll.

When you switch from one control to another, stop the old control. That is, if the panda is changing pitch and you hit a key to adjust roll, the pitch will stop changing.

Use "Text" to put instructions on the screen and to show current values of H, P, and R.