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Panda Software, Spring 2011

Current Projects


Its all fairly straightforward once you have the installers for the various pieces of software:

Panda3d: Find the Panda 1.7.2 release and download and click on installer for windows.

Netbeans: Download and install NetBeans. You don't need the largest install just the bare minimum will do (but if you want the full version it will work too).

FRP library: Dr. Peterson's library is in his shared folder as of right now and on google code (SVN). If you get the files from JP's shared copy the "panda" folder from "!panda" in his shared folder, copy it directly into your C Drive ( C:\panda).

Once you've got all of that, it's just a matter of opening netbeans and making sure that the settings are configured for the correct python and python path: open/create a project and right click on it to select the properties. Under the categories on the left side, there should be "Python;" select it. On the right, Python Platform should appear, next to this is the "Manage" button; click it. Select new on the left side and navigate to C:\Panda3D-1.6.2\python\ppython.exe . Close the window. Then select "Python 2.5.2" on the Python Platform and click add. Navigate to C:\panda\lib and select open. Click add once more. Navigate to C:\panda\pandacamp\src.

Once all that is done, you should be able to run the following program and a panda should appear:

from Panda import *



If you have followed the directions correctly, but it won't run, you may have the wrong Panda3D version installed(we don't know why the newest version doesn't always work), so try uninstalling the bad one and installing the other one.

If it still isn't working, let Michael know and he will see if he can help you work through it.

Good luck!


To document our code so others can easily read and understand it we will be using Epydocs. Those of us who will be writing documentation will need to learn the Epydoc Markup before documenting any code.


Epydoc Home Page

Epydoc Markup