Paul Hudak Symposium

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Putting the Funk in Functional Programming

This page is now obsolete - go here:

I am organizing a symposium at Yale in memory of Paul Hudak. The date will be April 29 / 30, 2016. Contact for information or to help out.


I am in the process of contacting potential speakers to find out if they are interested in attending or presenting at this symposium. I'm also looking up former students regarding a retrospective I'm giving at ICFP in September.


I'm collecting photos of Paul here: - I'll be happy to add others if you send them to me.


These are the people who I'll be contacting. I don't plan to contact everyone until the date is set - right now I'm contacting potential speakers at the symposium. Let me know if you have more names or can fill in email addresses.


  • Steve Anderson (need email)
  • Adrienne Bloss (can attend)
  • Chih-Ping Chen (need email)
  • Kung Chen (*)
  • Eric Cheng (need email)
  • Antony Courtney (can attend and present)
  • Syam Gadde (undergraduate)
  • Ben Goldberg (can attend and present)
  • Juan Guzman (*)
  • Liwen Huang (*)
  • Richard Kelsey (need email)
  • Amir Kishon (need email)
  • David Kranz (need email)
  • Kai Li (can attend and present)
  • Sheng Liang (can attend and present)
  • Paul Liu (can attend and present)
  • Rajiv Mirani
  • Rick Mohr
  • George Mou
  • Donya Quick (can attend and present)
  • Dan Rabin
  • Martin Sulzmann (*)
  • Raman Sundaresh
  • Mark Tullsen (*)
  • Andreas Voellmy
  • Zhanyong Wan (might attend and present)
  • Daniel Winograd-Cort
  • Bo Whong (undergraduate)
  • Jonathan Young



  • Bob Harper

Yale Haskell Group Researchers

  • Charles Consel
  • Mark Jones (*)
  • Sandra Loosemore
  • Henrik Nilsson (*)
  • Walid Taha (*) (can attend and present)
  • Alastair Reid (*)


  • Jonathan Berger
  • Brian Boutel
  • Conal Elliott (*)
  • Joe Fasel
  • Bryan Ford
  • Greg Hager (can come, present)
  • John Hughes (*)
  • David Janin
  • Simon Peyton Jones (*)
  • Bob Keller (*) (can come, present)
  • John Launchbury
  • Tom Makucevich
  • Martin Odersky
  • Sebastian Shaumyan
  • Phil Wadler (*)
  • Richard Yang

ICFP Retrospective