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These notes are part of a Wikis, Photo Galleries, and Mailing Lists course for WSC faculty and staff.

The WSC image gallery is at

Basic ideas:

  • You need to put a folder full of pictures in the upload folder on the server
  • Go to to push them into public view
  • Faculty / staff can do this – no students!
  • Please put up full res pictures so that publications can use them!
  • Don’t put a “.” in your file names except before the .jpg
  • Order the pictures if possible by putting numbers in the file names.
  • Orient the pictures before uploading.
  • Throw out the bad ones!
  • Keep pictures of people when possible

Creating a Gallery

  • Open a folder: \\www_srv\web\Production\gallery\uploads.
  • Drag your folder of pictures over there. Make sure the folder has a good name - one that you'll recognize later.
  • Go to and select the “import” tab – you should see your folder there.
  • Click this to see the list of pictures. Currently, the thumbnailing is broken so you can’t see the images to give them captions.
  • You should have filtered out the bad ones before you place things in upload so you don’t have to worry about checking them off - just leave everything checked.
  • Set the destination – usually a new album.
  • You also need to worry about “collections” – create new ones in the “manage” tab.
  • This can be a bit slow - be patient!

Administering a Gallery

The "manage" tab allows you to:

  • Delete pictures or galleries
  • Rename galleries
  • Add captions to photos (the little edit icon – a pencil on paper)
  • Select the representative photo for a gallery – you need to edit the gallery
  • Look at comments that users have written into the gallery (these haven’t been getting used)

Link to galleries from wikis or dreamweaver pages by pasting the gallery URL into the site.

Copyright Issues

If you upload pictures, sure that the person who took them is OK with having them on our website and use them in publications.

Liz harvests these pictures when making brochures and such.

We don’t restrict other uses – the person who took the picture can still post it elsewhere.

Please get your photos into the gallery instead of leaving them on random photo websites!