ROR Workshop

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To be presented at the Rocky Mountain CCSC Conference

Topics Covered & Code Examples

The Project

Gear Shop

Project Source



  • Intro: what RoR is and why you would use it in a class (5 min)
  • About Ruby: Idioms of the Ruby language (10 min, command line examples)
  • Parts of a Rails project: a tour of all the files in a functioning project (30 minutes)
    • Migration
    • Views
      • Partial views
      • rhtml / erb
    • Controllers
      • Validation (maybe add this later?)
    • helpers
    • Routing
    • Session
    • Models (Object-relational mapping)
      • Database queries
      • one and many
  • Extending the project (25 minutes)
    • Scaffolding
    • Ajax
    • Adding a new table
    • More ORM