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Hi, I'm Graham Montgomery. I am a Computer Information Science major with minors in Physics and Mathematics. I like climbing on rocks and programming for funzies.

My brother in law slapping his best man, (you asked me to put it up and I did Katie)


| Why Ada Isn't Popular

  • how to write hello world in Ada
 1 with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
 2 procedure Hello is
 3 begin
 4     put_Line ("Hello, World!");
 5 end Hello;


This is pong in my new cs0 library and likepython

like from cs0 import * right

lol setCaption("like PONG YO!")
so like setWidth(700)
uh like setHeight(400) right 

setColor(BLACK) bro

like thisguy = Rectangle(5, 35, toootally AQUA)
like thatguy = Rectangle(5, 35, totally FUCHSIA)

yeah so ball = Circle(10, um  fuckin LIME)


like add(thisguy, 10, 200) bro
like add(thatguy, 700-15, 200) right
so add(ball, so um yeah ok 200, 350)

so thisguyscore = 0
ah thatguyscore = 0

like def mouseMove(evt):
    so like thatguy.y = evt.pos[0]
    so thisguy.y = evt.pos[1]
    #like print(evt.pos)

bro mouseMovedEvent( like mouseMove)

xv = 2
yv = randomInt(5)

plz while thisguyscore is not 7 and thatguyscore is not 7:
    homey ball.move(xv,yv)
    if like collides(ball, thisguy) or collides(ball, thatguy):
        lol xv = -xv*1.5
    if ball.y like > 390 or ball.y like < 0:
        plz yv = -yv
    if like ball.x < -5:
        so thatguyscore += 1
        fuckin xv = xv/2
        yv = randomInt(-5,5)
    elif ball.x like > 700:
        so thisguyscore += 1
        fuckin xv = xv/2
        yv = randomInt(-5,5)
    ok so pause(20) bro 

toootally stop()


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Computer Music(leap motion)

robotics challenge

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PDF form of final presentation