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Chris Hickman

Aurora Project


  • Mei Tan
  • Elena Grigorenko
  • Lesley Hart

Project Description

The main objective for this project is to move a written test involving multiple choice, free response and other types of questions from paper to the internet.

Students will be able to visit the site and sign in with a username and password. Once they are signed in they will be able to navigate through the test storing their answers into a database. Students will be limited to navigating within a section and not throughout the entire test.

The results from the tests will be stored in a database for administrators to view and correct. We will be trying to help administrators correct the test by automatically correcting responses with definite answers. We will also be making it easier for the administrators to correct free response questions. For this we will group similar responses together by keywords. This will allow the administrators to award consistent grades for similar responses.

All users will have a specific role, either "Administrator", "Grader", "Proctor", or "Test Taker". Depending on the users role they will have privileges to access certain parts of the site. A Test Taker will only be allowed to sign in and start a new test session. Proctors will have control over a group of students taking the test. They will be allowed to introduce the sections to a group of students, access specific question directions, as well as force a group of students to move to the next section. A Grader will only be allowed to view results from previous tests and award points based on their response. The graders input will also be stored in the database. Administrators will be granted access to all of the above as well as, create new sections/questions for the test, upload pictures, organize the current test, and create more users.

More soon...

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