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General Comments

  • Create a document that explains how to use Western's Wiki - done
  • All results should be outputted into an Excel file upon completion of the free response questions
  • Keep scoring for multiple choice questions consistent (use all a,b,c or 1,2,3) - done

Login Controller

  • Test Takers should be asked their demographics when they first sign in and add this to the user table - done
  • Admins/Graders/Proctors should be asked their demographics when they first sign on if they have not yet filled them in - done

Upload Controller

- none

Administrator Controller

  • What privileges would you like administrators to have? - done
    • Add, delete, edit questions
    • Delete and edit sections
    • Order sections on the test
    • Create, delete users
    • Upload pictures
  • Instead of using a string format for entering questions into the database Elena suggested using a template for each section. This way the admin is not responsible for formatting anything and can enter the question the options etc. and be done. All questions within a section will ALWAYS be the same so a template will work fine. When a new section needs to be added they would like to contact the Western Team to add a new template and make sure everything looks right.

Grading Controller

  • What should the grader use to search for a group of tests? - done
    • Group name, Username
  • Group similar responses for free response questions - step 1
  • Use semantic networking for free response questions - step 2
  • Would information would you like on the excel sheet from the grader?
    • Name
    • Date/time the test was graded
    • Start time - finish time for grading each test

Proctor Controller

  • What would you like the proctor to be able to do?
    • View directions for sections - done
    • Make comments about a certain student if needed - done
    • Force students to move to the next section
      • The proctor will not be able to update the students browser when he/she forces the students to move to the next section. What we can do is allow the students to finish the question they are on and when they click 'next question' it will automatically bring them to the next section. As of right now the proctor has a button to push to force the group to move to the next section. Elena mentioned that there were no restrictions on students finishing two sections in the time another finishes one so the forcing of the next section will have to be done with a timer for each student.

Test Controller

  • Remove question directions - done
  • Format for storing users response
    • Multiple Choice - record letter answered
    • Decisions - G/B/N/E/F and Y/N
    • Maps - 0/1/2/98/99
    • Words That Sound the Same - right/wrong
    • Number Cards - right/wrong/98/99
    • Money Exchange - right/wrong/98/99
    • Numbers - response
    • Shadows - record letter answered
    • Story Problems - right/wrong/98/99
    • Headlines - ?? semantic networking ?? - 0/1/2
    • Homophones 0/1/98/99
  • Record start/finish time for each question, section, and test session

Discussion / Comments Section

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