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Hello, I'm Kendric Evans and I've been working with computers since I was five and I've been helping my family with them since I was thirteen.

I learned basic HTML when I was twelve from an online tutorial and I've been sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of computer nerdom ever since.

I progressed from HTML into a computer game called Megazeux. In this computer game, you could program AI characters using a simple language.

From there I continued to learn bits and pieces of different languages including Python, Java, C and basic.

I'm also a big fan of free and open source software.

I was a member of Team Tuna for Professor Peterson's initial Computers In Society in spring 2007.

I've worked a lot with Dr. Peterson developing a Functional Reactive library built on top of Panda3D(a python-based 3D engine) for the CIS Summer Camp at Western.

I've worked with FORTRAN for the chemistry department over at DU. I've been migrating certain old subroutines into newer languages(first LabVIEW, then MatLab) to grow with the changing requirements of their lab.

From Spring '09, I have on a team working with OpenCV and our Powerwheels-based robot. We have been working with color-based blob tracking and will be moving, in Fall '09, towards path-finding using edge-detection and sign-reading.

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