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This page in the Wiki is here forth dedicated to, my capstone project, the Wilderness Pursuits Database or WPDB.

What is this?

This project is to build a better equipment tracking system for WP, Wilderness Pursuits. Currently WP uses an MS Access database to handle everything involving the equipment that is rented. Basically one database is used to rent, check in, and reserve equipment. While Access does an okay job of keeping track of all of this. The database lacks organization and many human mistakes can be made when doing any of the above mentioned processes. I plan on programming a simple User Interface, UI, to make finding, renting, returning, and checking in equipment much easier to do. This is the primary purpose of the program, however, there are still a few secondary functions that WP would like me to implement.

The biggest of these functions is confirming association with the college. For those of you who do not know you cannot rent from WP without being a student or faculty member, at Western State College. However, WP has no way to truly confirm if you are a student or not. As Jake Jones, current manager of WP, has said "Your ID does not go away just because you graduate", or something along those lines. I plan to take this worry off of WP's mind when renting equipment.

Another task that has been requested by WP, is a stats program of sorts. WP would like to know more about the fiscal value of their equipment. So first off they have asked that I include how often equipment is rented. This will aid WP from a business standpoint. Allowing WP to purchase new equipment as needed to meet the demand of students. Secondly they would like a program to track the history of equipment. Simple things, such as when the equipment was purchased and when it was retired. Granted this part will not be of any use for a few years. The hope is that in the future, WP will be able to know when equipment needs to be retired.

All in all that is the general idea of this project. I want to build a new database for WP. Then I wish to make a UI to handle reading and writing information from that Database. I wish to improve the security of the system of renting. And I will like to keep track of extra information about the equipment. Hopefully this project will produce an easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to upgrade system for WP.


Currently it is looking like PHP is my language of choice.

Other stuff