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Take part in one of the most popular sports at Western State College - rock climbing. This course caters to the beginner and intermediate climber alike. Your trained instructors will work you through the basics of climbing equipment and technique to help you develop your skills

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  • Alexandre Frimm
  • David Clarke
  • Emily Virzi
  • Kevin Ryan
  • Millissa Morin
  • Peter Davies
  • Ryan Kelly
  • Sean Hope
  • Tyler Allyn
  • William Anglin


The 2007 Rock Climbing WBO was 7 days long and a great time! We traveled to four different local climbing areas, and did everything from bouldering to crack climbing, on overhung rock to slab.

The trip started at The Point near Powder Horn, which is midway between Gunnison and Lake City. After setting up camp and eating some lunch we hiked up to the cliff to do ground school. After getting set up and having a few people try out belaying the skies let loose and we had to go back to the camp. Setting up a tarp off the side of the van was key and allowed everyone to remain outside. That night we made entirely too much pasta and thus ate entirely too much pasta.

The next day we drove to Lake City/Henson Creek area, which is past Lake City, just up from Henson Creek towards Engineer Pass. After waking up, eating and driving a half hour we arrived to find the WBO mountaineering group just waking up. They had gotten rained out the day before as we had and thus were a day behind. The hike up to Gods Crag is anything but easy, sitting at around 10,000’, you feel accomplished just getting to the base of the cliff. The walls at Gods Crag are littered with hand and foot holds, making half the challenge deciding which to use. As noon rolled around so did the clouds, and soon we were walking back down the hill to the van. While stopping at Lake City for Ice Cream, Water and the facilities we discovered a playground and showed the youngsters how it was done. Back at the Point, we found some stellar bouldering and climbed a little too. The boulder problems were good enough that a night bouldering session was in order and after dinner a few of us headed back up the hill. The next morning we climbed at the point until everyone had enough and loaded up and drove to Hartman’s, stopping at Blue Mesa Reservoir to cool down.

Hartman Rocks, is just outside of Gunnison and is visible from town. At this point our main opponent changed from rain to heat. Hartman’s is mostly slab climbing and requires a lot of footwork and faith. One of the more famous features at Hartman’s is the Quintessential Pinnacle or, Cock Rock. To see the rate at which people were progressing, all you have to look at is the amount of people that ascended the Pinnacle. At 5.10+ it is not an easy climb.

After two days at Hartman’s most people were too drained from the heat to climb so we drove to Taylor Canyon for more shade and a river. Taylor is north of Gunnison and offers great crack climbing. Taylor offered a good opportunity to learn about gear, crack climbing, and different systems. With Ben’s patented 3-step method for hand jamming we were able to have people climbing crack like the best of them. In 7 short days the majority of the group, went from having very little climbing experience, to seasoned climbing machines.

Thanks to everyone for the great time and great experiences and we’ll see you out there!

Ben, Stuart and Laura

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