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='''WSC Backcounrty Ski Guide'''=
='''WSC Backcountry Ski Guide'''=

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WSC Backcountry Ski Guide

Attention Backcountry Users:

The information found in this section based on this authors’ experiences in the backcountry surrounding Crested Butte and Monarch. Routes found in this guide can be significantly altered by the power of wind, rain or avalanches. Do not rely solely on the information in this guide. The purpose of this guide is to suggest routes, not to provide instruction for the user. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience to help ensure safety in the backcountry. Check local forecasts as well as avalanche reports before heading out into the backcountry.



Crested Butte

Photo Gallery

Click a picture to see some of our backcountry adventures so far this year!


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